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Auto Forward is more than just a cell phone spy. It can also spy on text messages. Auto Forward allows the concerned and discerning parent complete access to their child’s phone. Text messages, emails, social media, Skype, and most importantly browser history logs are available, right from your smart phone or tablet. No more snooping through your child’s phone, and no more worrying about what they might be doing online. You can now restrict access to sites with pornographic or other inappropriate content, and you can also keep your children off of sites like The Silk Road.

Auto Forward can also help you to monitor your child’s social media usage. No more worrying about who your child is talking to on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any other social media outlet. With over 1.5 billion people on Facebook alone, having an account opens your child up to millions of potential predators. Restricting their access to these sites however can, and will leave them unprepared to interact with them in their future professional lives. The easiest and simplest solution is to simply monitor their activity with an application like Auto Forward, something much more sophisticated than a regular cell phone spy.

Furthermore, the app can view any videos or pictures that have been downloaded to the phone. It’s a sad fact that many minors have been prosecuted for sending and receiving child pornography, even if the content in question is simply images and videos of themselves. With Auto Forward, you can address this type of issue with your child well before it leads to them committing what could be considered a felony, depending on the aggressiveness of the local District Attorney. No parent wants to think about their child being put into a situation like this, and Auto Forward insures that you will never have to go through it.

Auto Forward will also allow you to view the browser history, so that you can make sure your son or daughter isn’t visiting any sites that are inappropriate or could get you into trouble. Sites like the former Silk Road will even allow patrons to anonymously order illegal drugs and even weapons and have them delivered right to their door. Obviously, no responsible parent wants their child to have access to such things, and the ability to restrict that access is extremely important. Auto Forward gives you that ability. With it, you can quickly and easily keep tabs on where your child has been online, and who they’ve been talking to.

Also, more often than not, children are glued to their device screens and do not engage as often with their surroundings as they used to. This particular cell phone spy and text message spy gives parents the option to control the lock screen of their child’s device. Once locked out, the child is unable to use the device until the parent deems it necessary again. This can be handy both in social situations and punishments. Children are notoriously sneaky; they will find ways to undermine the consequences of their actions even if it is in their best interest not to do so. With Auto Forward, you can restrict that access the second you need to.

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